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Vocals Only 5

Vocals Only 5

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As being wellknown for their vocals and acapellas, Audentity Records has once more collected some great and useful vocals from their previous samplepacks such as Vocal Megapack 11, Emo Pop Vibes 1, Universal Pop, Vocal Pop Anthems 3, Electro Vocal Pop and many others.

Audentity Records samples and vocals have been used in thousands of records in the last 9 years and lots of them made it to the top and gathered big momentum for the artists in question.

The pack has 9 acapellas inside with all the necessary layers, such as doubles, vocoders, adlibs. Just drop them in your track and go ahead or build a completely new track around them.

Vocals Only 5 contains:
28 Vocal Leads
24 Vocal Backings
8 Vocoders
10 Adlibs
2 Hums
4 Vocal Chops
21 Vocal Loops, Full, FX
Royalty Free

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