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Certain folks say there is no more innovation in music. Certain genres prove them wrong. Time and time again it has been shown that the right fusion of existing styles and genres can lead to something beautiful. You might think the name says it all, but what future bass has done, is beyond just creating a new sound. It took two opposites, threw them in a blender and cooked up something that made people go whoa.

Future bass is still young, but has already made a huge impact on the music industry. It was first heard in the early ‘10s of this century, with 2016 regarded as its breakthrough year. In clubs all over the world a new sound was heard: a combination of dubstep and EDM, which appealed to enthusiasts of both genres, as well as a new audience. Take dubstep, cut off the rough edges and mix in some EDM. Dubstep with a warm EDM melody... or EDM with just a little more edge, if you will. Softer synths, smoother bass... however you wish to describe it: it sure has caught on.

Royalty-free future bass samples

Future bass samples have entered the mainstream. Scottish producers Rustie and Hudson Mohawke as well as American producer RL Grime are credited for taking it to the masses. This has resulted in many DJ’s and producers wanting to use the samples in their music.

Future bass sample pack

The bass lines, leads, loops and chords are super organic. With these beats, you as a producer can complete your hits. 

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