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Vocal Samples

One of the important elements in music stand are great vocal samples. Our royalty- free vocal samples bring tracks to life. A vocal sample can give inspiration for new beats, strengthen old beats, or be the finishing touch for your next track. At Audentity Records we sell vocal sample packs in different genres. For example: pop, reggaeton, funk, lo-fi, trap, R&B, hip hop and soul samples. For every track, we have a matching vocal sample pack or vocals loop. Our library of vocal samples is continuously up-to date with new, creative content. Listen to the vocal samples, get inspired and create the best tracks.

What are the benefits of using Vocal Samples?

The vocal sample is one of the most powerful parts of the music production process. These samples are what gives your song its unique voice. The best vocal samples come from real people who are well-known and respected for their skill. This allows producers to have a new sound for their new song. They can create a new voice for a new track without having to spend a lot of money on a new vocalist. They can also re-use a sample from a previous song to create a new sound. Secondly, it can inspire creativity. Usually the tempo, key and style of the vocal does not match your rhythm. You need to manipulate the sample, so it lines up with your song. It can take your song to a new direction. Try multiple vocals using a vocal sample pack.

Vocal sample pack

Vocal sample packs are a type of sample pack that usually contains one or more vocal tracks of a song. The vocal sample pack usually contains loops and stems.

Do you feel the vibe? Then check out our vocal sample packs. We offer you vocal sample packs in all possible styles and subgenres. From the slower grimey vocal sample pack to the proper club bangers and instrumental styles. Get them now and start producing.

There are a lot of vocal sample packs to choose from, so you can always find a suitable pack. Download it directly and get started on the best track within minutes! All our sample packs are royalty free.