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Love it or hate it (we bet you love it): hip hop is without a doubt one of the most influential genres in the history of music. It’s more than music, it’s a culture. Rapping, a well known (but non-crucial) component of the music traces all the way back to the era of slavery. Politics, social injustice and the raw street life are intertwined with hip hop culture and form the backbone of many tracks until this day. But the music has also proven itself very versatile, with an incredibly broad spectrum and many different styles and sounds.

Hip hop started growing in the seventies. New York’s famous borough The Bronx is often regarded as the birthplace of hip hop. At a time when disco and funk were the popular styles in the black community, hip hop took these influences and evolved into something that would later influence many other genres itself.

Beats are the foundation of hip hop, especially when looking at rap music. Hip hop and rap are often seen as the same thing, but as the true hip hop heads know, rap music is only part of the culture that sparked MC’ing, turntablism, beatboxing and breakdancing. So when you say hip hop, you are definitely talking beats, but since the music originated from funk, jazz, soul and gospel, those influences are still present in many subgenres of the music.

Hiphop samples

In a way, hip hop samples are unique. Because most of the tracks and samples are themselves the result of sampling. But there is no denying that hip hop samples are highly influential. Hip hop samples are used in many other music genres, such dubstep, dancehall and R&B. Find many different hip hop beats, drumkits, loops in our sample packs produced by professional hip hop producers.

Hiphop sample pack

Take your time to browse our hip hop sample packs. You won’t find many other music genres with more diversity, if any at all. From old school hip hop beats and underground samples for the true OG’s, to jazzhop, eastcoast, westcoast, the dirty south and many, many new school styles such as trap: we’ve got them all with our hip hop sample pack. All our hip hop sample packs are royalty-free.