Collection: Lo-Fi

You probably remember the first time you heard a lo-fi track. What was that? Suddenly you got hit by a new kind of chill beat. Tracks to chill out to. Perfect to study to, to use as background music, or late at night when you’re on the road. Or just to listen to and enjoy, of course. Because regardless of where and when you listen to lo-fi, it’s easy to float away on the relaxed vibe.

In a certain way, the fact that lo-fi music is popular today, is somewhat of a contradiction. It’s always been hi-fi, high fidelity sound that dominated the music industry. But it is turning the tables. Lo-fi of course means low fidelity, which technically means music of inferior technical quality. But that’s just in theory. In practice lo-fi proves how less can be more. Lo-fi beats have been introduced to many other styles and genres. 

Lo-fi appeals to many, as it is often described as one of the last remains of the cassette era. It is all about atmosphere, which means that deliberate distortions of all kinds aren’t regarded as imperfections. 

Lo-fi samples

Lo-fi samples are more popular than ever before. And for all the right reasons. Despite their back to basics characteristics these samples are quite versatile. Whether you are looking to create some chill beats, laid back hiphop or even house or EDM: the right lo-fi samples provide a solid foundation. Lo-fi samples first became a thing in the 80’s when DIY music was on the rise. As DIY music has been professionalized, so has the role of lo-fi samples. Lo-fi is no longer a condescending term: it’s now respected.

Lo-fi sample pack

Are you looking for a good lo-fi sample pack? You came to the right place. Audentity Records offers quality lo-fi sample packs for all producers. From melodic guitars to dark vibes and from vintage hiphop beats to reggaeton or soul infused samples. And anything in between.