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We’re talking dem bow, we’re talking Puerto Rican heritage, we’re talking Caribbean gangsta rap: we’re talking reggaeton beats, of course. Who would have thought reggaeton would become a worldwide phenomenon? It certainly didn’t look that way for a long time. Upuntil the nineties reggaeton seemed to be exclusively for the Caribbean region. Not only did it lean heavily on the regional music styles; the classical topics originated from latin-American culture as well and the mother tongue was of course Spanish. Butit was also distinctive and catchy, so as soon as Reggeaton was discovered in North America, it didn’t take long to spread all over the world. Reggaeton has become a global hit with the ability to make clubs all over the world explode. It’s rhythmic, it’sdanceable, it's passionate, violent, intense, melodic... frankly, it’s quite unique.

Reggaeton originated from reggae and connected with other popular genres such as dancehall and hiphop. It’s impact on the music industry is evident. Reggaeton started spreading across the world after hispanic communities in the USA picked it up. From there on, reggaeton has done something only a few genres manage to do: it became more than just a music genre: it’s a culture, as illustrated by the renowned perreo dancing, that gave a whole new definition to the term “dirty dancing”.

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Reggaeton samples are almost guaranteed to make a crowd go boom. The energy is infectious. Even non-Spanish speakers feel it. Need proof? Just look at how popular mainstream artists such as Daddy Yankee used reggaeton to blow up and reach a new crowd. They say music unites people. Well, “they'' aren't wrong: reggaeton is proof of that.

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