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Throughout history hiphop has proven itself as one of the most versatile styles. Hiphop is always evolving into new directions. Some catch on, some don’t. Some become trends or hypes, others are here to stay. Trap music has grown into a loved and respected contemporary sub genre of the hiphop music industry. Trap music has a grimey background. It grew from poverty and drugs dominated scenes. For the longest time in the 80’s and 90’s, trap rappers were associated with all kinds of negativity. How things have changed. The music has become huge and has been one of the most popular and easily recognizable genres of rap for many years now. The younger generation is probably under the impression that trap music is new, but the truth is: trap is old school. It just went away for a while.

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Trap samples always stand out. This is because of their specific use of 808 bass, hi hats and synths, giving this genre a unique sounds. The samples are quite unlike other hiphop beats. Trap appeals to a new, often younger crowd. Not only have trap beats brought a new sound to hiphop; it has completely altered the way many modern rappers flow on their tracks. Fast paced, aggresive, staccato raps dominate the sound of a new era.Even though many artists like to rap over trap beats, the samples and beats can definitely be used for instrumental tracks. Many tracks stay true to their southern USA and EDM-influenced origine, but as trap has become more mainstream, the diversity has increased a lot.

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The bass lines, leads, loops and chords are super organic. With these beats, you as a producer can complete your hits. 

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