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Vocal Megapack 12

Vocal Megapack 12

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For the 12th installment of Vocal Megapack our team dived in the studios again with amazing talented vocalists.

The quality of the vocals gave us so much inspiration that we are proud to deliver one of the best in this series.

Vocal Megapack 12 explores many interesting genres are included; from Pop, Indie, Tropical, Slap House and others.

With 4 complete acapellas and 5 kits filled with an amazing amount of detailed tones and melodies. The kits have been spread and split up in different categories including Music Loops, Bass Loops, Vocal Phrases, Drum loops and more.

The pack contains 4 Acapellas, split up in 24 Vocal Leads, Harmonies and Backings, Full & Main Vocals, 91 Vocal Phrases, 16 Vocal Chop Loops, 41 Music Loops, 9 Bass Loops, 52 Drum and build Loops, 49 Drums, 20 Bass & Synth one Shots and last but not least we added 19 songstarters, to get you going.

All loops are key and BPM labelled for better usage - All Royalty Free (if downloaded from official stores)

Product Details:
5 Songs in total
24 Wet & Dry Vocal Stems & Vocoders, Backing Vocals
4 Acapellas
Backing Vocals & Vocal Chops
91 Vocal Phrases
16 Vocal Chop Loops (wet & dry)
19 Songstarters
41 Music Loops (wet & dry)
9 Bass Loops
47 Drumloops (Full, Fills, Kicks, Hhats, Claps etc)
5 Buildup & Fill loops
49 Drum One Shots
10 Synth Hits
10 Bass One Shots
Midis - Melody & Bass
All Royalty Free (if downloaded from official stores)

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