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Amapiano revolution

Amapiano revolution

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 For our New Amapiano pack our in-house producers teamed up with a variety of musicians, including two percussionists and a singer all of whom have experience with different styles, but especially the Afrobeats, Amapiano, and Afro house music genres. 

The percussion experts, who both graduated cum laude from the Strasbourg Conservatory and played with countless artists around the world, recorded the percussion instruments in their own studios, using equipment such as RME Fireface, Apollo X8, Scarlett Focusrite, Shure SM57, Shure Beta 52A, and Shure PGA27.

With a thorough understanding of African rhythms and years of experience playing and recording in a variety of genres, all bongos, congas, shakers, cabasa, tablas, and other percussion instruments were played and recorded with passion and further processed at our Audentity Records studio into usable and powerful percussion sounds, while the drum sounds were created by a special layering of the percussion recordings and new synthetic drums or synthetic sounds only, ensuring that each element perfectly matches the Amapiano style.

Some loops were played live, and some loops were developed in our DAW.
With years of singing experience in various African genres and her background as a professional singer, songwriter, and versatile voice artist, the singer effortlessly adds an extra dimension to the pack with several rich, emotional female vocal hooks and chants, ready to be used in your new production.

To bring you a full and complete Amapiano pack, we've also included punchy log drum hits and loops, melodic loops, songstarters, synth loops, and one-shots that all together capture the essence of the genre and help you create tracks that sound like they were made by the best Amapiano producers in South Africa and of course all royalty-free.

Amapiano Revolution contains:

24 Drum loops

57 Percussion Loops

52 Melodic Loops

15 Logdrum Loops

9 Synthbass Loops

3 Texture Loops

22 Vocal Hooks & Chants

27 Logdrum One Shots

59 Percussion One Shots

89 Drum One Shots

12 Vocal One Shots

Total 469 Files

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