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Boom Trap

Boom Trap

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Just like Hip Hop, the last few years Trap music made a surprising crossover to the mainstream music industry.

Producing Trap can be a difficult task sometimes as for instance your 808’s have to slam hard enough and the snare riffs need to sound fresh and need just the right build tension feeling.

This new Production Tools includes all ingredients you need to create your new Dance Floor production or quickly building up the foundation of a new track.

Inside you’ll find all of the building blocks & elements you need to create instant Trap hits: Melody, Bass, 808 Bass Loops, Drums, Drum Build up loops, Serum Presets & much more.

All Royalty Free.

Boom Trap Contains:

7 FX

4 808 Loops

24 Bass Loops

6 Drum Build Loops

17 Percussion Loops

29 Melody Loops

11 Bass One Shots

8 Hiats

7 Kicks

7 Snares

8 Vocal Phrases & One Shots

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