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90's Eurodance 2

90's Eurodance 2

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90s Eurodance 2 is back with a second edition of this series with new inspirational high-energy Eurodance-inspired samples, one-shots, loops, vocals, and presets.

This new collection will take you back to the pulsating dance floors and radio playlists of the 90s, inspired by one of the most innovative eras of electronic dance and pop music.

In addition to the one-shots, presets, melodic loops, and drum loops, the sample pack also includes infectious vocal hooks and chops, to make your new track even more complete.

Whether you're making modern Eurodance tracks or trying to inject a touch of nostalgia into your productions, ''90s Eurodance 2'' could be your main resource for creating contagious, powerful anthems.

''90s Eurodance 2'' contains:

65 drum loops

22 bass loops

10 piano loops

15 songstarters

61 synth loops

29 vocal hooks, harmonies, adlibs, and chops

10 bass one shots

70 drum one shots

20 synth one shots

45 midis

15 Serum presets

Total: 362 files

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