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Brazilian Bass Music 3

Brazilian Bass Music 3

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Brazilian Bass is a subgenre of House that was pioneered by the likes of  Brazilian producer Alok.

Other artists of this genre include: Vintage Culture, Tiesto, Sevenn, Shapeless, Vinne, Dynoro and others.

Brazilian Bass music has been very popular, mainly because of its phat impressing Basslines, deep kicks and interesting melodies.

The pack contain the necessary elements to make your own songs in the genre and release them on your fav labels, all royalty free!


Brazilian Bass Music 3 contains:

 * 20 SFX Loops

 * 50 Music / Melody Loops (wet & dry)

 * 32 Bass Loops

 * 6 Vocal Loops

 * 60 Midi

 * 47 Drumloops (Full, Fills, Kicks, Hhats, Claps etc)

 * 52 One Shots (Snares, Percussions, Kicks, Cymbals, Claps, Crash, Hiats)

 * 20 Bass Hits

 * 287 Total Files

 * Royalty Free

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