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Electrosonic Mayhem

Electrosonic Mayhem

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Unleash a sonic onslaught with our latest sample pack that seamlessly blends the boundary-pushing elements of Dubstep, Jungle, and Grime. This versatile collection draws inspiration from the pioneers of bass-driven electronic music, delivering a fusion of hard-hitting beats, electrifying synths, and groundbreaking sound design.

Innovative Soundscapes:

Dive into a world of sonic innovation with meticulously crafted loops and one-shots that embody the spirit of forward-thinking electronic music production. From pulsating basslines that rumble the foundations to razor-sharp drum hits that cut through the mix, this pack is a sonic playground for producers seeking cutting-edge sounds.

Diverse Genres, One Pack:

Explore the boundless possibilities as you seamlessly transition between Dubstep's heavy drops, Jungle's infectious energy and Grime's gritty urban vibes, this pack is designed for the modern producer who refuses to be confined by genre boundaries, providing the tools to create tracks that defy expectations.

Electrosonic Mayhem contains:

48 drum loops

23 bass loops

20 synth loops

11 vocal chop loops

31 bass one shots

55 drum one shots

11 fx

9 vocal one shots

21 presets for Serum

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