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Funk Odyssey

Funk Odyssey

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 Embark on a new auditory experience with our new pack titled "Funk Odyssey."

This library is a large collection of valuable funk material and has everything you need to infuse your music with the infectious spirit of funk, all played and produced by Max Meurs.

"Funk Odyssey" offers usable samples that will bring your music to the golden age of funk.

The new guitars will infuse vitality into your tracks, resonating with the unique rhythm and atmosphere that characterized an epoch.

Enhance your productions with the silky smoothness of groovy vocals, classic 70’s synths and authentic-sounding songstarter loops, which will bring you an extra layer of authenticity and expression.

A must-have are our bassline loops, also played on real bass guitars, you will need them to provide your music with a strong and convincing foundation. And what about some real vibrant keys, every cool funk music needs some keys, doesn't it?

As always: everything is royalty fee, 24 bit/44.1khz.

Note: Drums and drum loops heard in the demo are not included in the pack.

This pack contains:

  • 19 electric bass & synth bass loops
  • 6 acoustic guitar loops
  • 41 electric guitar loops
  • 6 keys loops
  • 10 drum loops
  • 21 songstarter loops
  • 7 synth loops
  • 18 vocal hooks, harmony and adlib loops
  • 11 instrumental one shots
  • 19 drum one shots
  • 6 guitar one shots
  • 2 vocal one shots
  • 161 files total
  • royalty-free (if downloaded in official stores)
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