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Future Bounce Superpack

Future Bounce Superpack

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Produced by Dropgun

Our Future Bounce releases are one of the most popular samplepacks on the market in this genre, because of the unique fresh sound and because of the hit potential of the included construction kits.

Future Bounce Superpack is no exception, being produced by 'Dropgun', this new pack has again all the material to give you the tools to make real dance dance smashes in your studio.

5 Full Construction Kits, Midis, Presets and One Shots are included in the pack to give you maximal flexibility, all royalty free!

Future Bounce Superpack contains:
* 5 Full Construction Kits
* 33 Midis
* 5 Spire Presets, 4 Serum Presets, 3 Massive Presets
* 5 One Shots
* Royalty Free (if bought in 1 of the official Audentity records stores)
* Produced by Dropgun

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