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Middle East Inspirations

Middle East Inspirations

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 Audentity Records proudly presents: Middle East Inspirations.

This pack is produced by Max Meurs and is a unique and eclectic sample collection influenced and inspired by the Middle East's rich and diverse musical traditions.

Not only did our team record fresh-sounding electric and acoustic guitar loops, but also mandolins, acoustic piano and flute. 

Middle East Inspiration has flavors and musicality that fit in a unique way in any trap, pop, afro beats and multiple other genres.

The pack is inspired by musical traditions in the Middle East from various regions, cultures, and musical styles and offers a variety of sounds, including:

⦁ Turkey: The pack features scales and rhythms that are typical of Turkish music and is inspired by the fingerstyle playing and percussion techniques used in Turkish music

⦁ Arabic Music: Containing loops that encapsulate the spirit of Arabic music, from the oud-based taqsim improvisations (emulated on guitar) to the pulsating rhythms of Arabic pop music.

⦁ Persia/Iran: Both modern Iranian pop music and classical Persian music have used the guitar. This collection contains Persian scales, rhythms, melodic phrases, and approaches techniques that draw inspiration from these traditions.

⦁ North Africa: Our Loops are inspired by various styles' soulful and improvisational spirit, from the bluesy chords of Algerian Rai to the intricate oud playing of Morocco.

The samples are choppable and you can also use them in your already existing beats as an addition. 

All samples are in WAV – 24 Bit – 44.1khz.

Important Note: Drums, Fx and basslines are not included in the pack.

 Middle East Inspirations contains:

  • 33 acoustic guitar loops
  • 52 electric guitar loops
  • 17 mandolin loops
  • 1 acoustic piano loop
  • 1 flute loop
  • 8 songstarter loops
  • 19 guitar one shots
  • 4 mandolin one shots
  • Total 134 files
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