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Nocturnal LoFi Hip Hop

Nocturnal LoFi Hip Hop

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We all feel better in the.. dark!

Nocturnal Lo-Fi Hip Hop contains that popular worn, dusty Lo-Fi sound, created on old hardware synths, 8 & 12 bit samplers and drumcomputers and then further processse thru analogue equipment.

The pack has many elements such as high distortion samples, relaxed atmospheric loops  as well as mellow type sounds, featured in any lofi hip-hop soundtrack.

It's inspired by the old-school hip hop when computers weren’t a big part of the production, and the technology wasn’t up to scratch.

This isnt always easy to recreate yourself, so let our samples be your guide.

As always, Royalty Free.


Nocturnal Lo-Fi Hip Hop contains:

* 5 FULL Construction Kits

* 34 Midis

* 25 Drumloops

* 27 one Shots (drums)

* 211 Total Files

* Royalty Free

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