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Phonk Mainstream

Phonk Mainstream

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Dive into the gritty and soulful sounds of the streets with our Phonk Sample Pack. This carefully curated collection is a treasure trove of loops and one-shots designed to infuse your music with that unmistakable vintage vibe.

Unleash the power of our meticulously crafted loops and one shots, ranging from dusty cowbell rhythms that transport you to the heart of the underground, to soulful synth leads that carry the echoes of a bygone era.

Basslines are the heartbeat of your tracks, providing a solid foundation for your creations. From deep and rumbling to punchy and upfront, the basses in this pack add weight and groove to your Phonk productions. These loops are the backbone of phonk – gritty, authentic, and rich in character.

Phonk Mainstream contains:

72 drum loops

17 bass loops

2 synth keys loops

1 brass loop

1 vocal chop loop

6 choir loops

6 songstarter loops

34 cowbell loops

8 synth leads

5 synth pads

34 bass one shots

6 brass one shots

99 drum one shots

85 fx

72 cowbell one shots

18 vocal one shots

22 Serum Presets


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